「I bet you think about me」Taylor Swift

作詞 Taylor Alison Swift / Lori McKenna 作曲 Taylor Alison Swift / Lori McKenna


     C               GonB            Am                 G

3 AM and I'm still awake, I'll bet you're just fine

          F                               G

Fast asleep in your city that's better than mine

             C               GonB       Am        G

And the girl in your bed has a fine pedigree

            F                                         G

And I'll bet your friends tell you she's better than me, huh



           C            GonB           Am            G

Well, I tried to fit in with your upper-crust circles

                F                                 G

Yeah, they let me sit in back when we were in love

             C              GonB                Am            G

Oh, they sit around talkin' about the meaning of life

             F                                          G

And the book that just saved 'em that I hadn't heard of


      F                                       C

But now that we're done and it's over

F                            C

I bet you couldn't believe

                 Am                                                      G

When you realized I'm harder to forget than I was to leave

       G                             C GonB

And I bet you think about me



              C           GonB         Am            G

You grew up in a silver-spoon gated community

  F                                 G

Glamorous, shiny, bright Beverly Hills

         C               GonB         Am         G

I was raised on a farm, no, it wasn't a mansion

       F                                G

Just livin' room dancin' and kitchen table bills


             C                    GonB             Am                G

But you know what they say, you can't help who you fall for

       F                             G

And you and I fell like an early spring snow

         C      GonB          Am                G

But reality crept in, you said we're too different

       F                                                G

You laughed at my dreams, rolled your eyes at my jokes


F                 C

Mr. Superior Thinkin'

             F                                     C

Do you have all the space that you need?

          Am                                                                     ConG G 

I don't have to be your shrink to know that you'll never be ha-     ppy

       G                             C GonB Am G F

And I bet you think about me


G                             C     GonB 

I bet you think about me, yes

Am G          F                   G

I     bet you think about me


F      C 

Oh, block it all out


The voices so loud, sayin'

 Am               G       F

"Why did you let her go?"


Does it make you feel sad


That the love that you're lookin' for


Is the love that you had?


                  C             GonB Am                     G

Now you're out in the world, searchin' for your soul

           F                                G

Scared not to be hip, scared to get old

             C                  GonB       Am               G

Chasing make-believe status, last time you felt free

                F                                             G

Was when none of that shit mattered 'cause you were with me


      F                                       C

But now that we're done and it's over

F                         C

I bet it's hard to believe

          Am                                                          G

But it turned out I'm harder to forget than I was to leave

                G                             C GonB Am G F

And, yeah, I bet you think about me


G                             C     GonB 

I bet you think about me, yes

Am G          F

I     bet you think about me


G                             C                     GonB 

I bet you think about me when you're out

            Am          G                   F

At your cool indie music concerts every week

G                             C              GonB 

I bet you think about me in your house

               Am         G                  F

With your organic shoes and your million-dollar couch

G                             C                  GonB 

I bet you think about me when you say

            Am            G                       F

"Oh my god, she's insane, she wrote a song about me"

G                             C

I bet you think about me





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